2001 Suzuki GSX-R 600 test – Part III

We did not push the GSX-R 600 to it almost anywhere, or my, the limits that many magazines are waiting in line to test this bike so that the least we could do was s’ ensure that he returned to Suzuki security. Flopping major lean angle against the angle is simpler than on anything else, I prey. You want to change your line mid corner, a little pressure on the ankle or pressure on the bars and it is done without fuss. It has a steering damper as standard, but fortunately it does not bar too much effort. It feels like a race bike in the way you can literally caught out by Scruff and slamming one side to another without having to wait for the suspension to get over it. This serves to raise the level of confidence further.

Stability is surprisingly very good. 51% of the weight is on the front wheel, which obviously helps the cause. In comparison, the R6 has more weight on the rear than the front, which helps make the Yamaha a little more animated by the bars. Riders seem more onerous to amplify this problem on the Yamaha. Kawasaki ZX-6R, like the GSX-R, carries more weight on the wheel before the Yamaha.

On the brake side of the equation Suzuki has now equal the Yamaha. I think the GSX-R brakes are similar to units mounted on society of 750 but I think it slightly harder buffer May be used in this case. I do not know exactly what changes compared to the 750 are but I know that the brakes on the 600 work better. I had no reason to complain. The engine pulls well throughout the rev range. There is no large-calibre, but engine performance is among the best in the SuperSport category.

Very often, I found myself in the long dawdling up around 3000rpm during Sydney traffic exploration, the bike has never complained and is driving this low. Excellent for a 600. A little less than 5000rpm at the top sees around 100kph on the dial.

Any urgent action gas gives the rider some sound pleased that the AirBox made a great roar. The fuel injection system is excellent and I’ve seen up to 225 kilometers to go under the wheels when the city together before the fuel light came to tell me he was about 4 litres left in the tank 18 litres.

The gearbox is smooth and positive, even with only 2000 km on the clock. According to my experience, Suzuki gearboxes sometimes take up to 15000 km to reach the pinnacle of their sweetness. Clutch the feeling is good and we had no problem in this area.
Suzuki GSX-R 600 includes the same as their dashboard 750. Well-designed and comprehensive with a conventional tachometer besides an unit containing a digital LCD speedo, two tripmeters and odometer. Apparatus is typically Japanese, efficient and simple to use.

Width of seats and upholstery is acceptable and turned on this bike is not out of the question at all. The only stumbling block to the tour very long distances is the penalty you strapping baggage to the GSX-R. For aerodynamic reasons the tail unit flares out a lot. This means that a lot of duct tape or something similar will be needed to protect the painting when strapping luggage at the rear using the excellent attach the brackets that are fitted to the Suzuki. It is not a huge problem and use a lot of band genre, but it is worth mentioning and I had to find something to whine about .

Reasonable under the seat storage is big enough for a combination of wet or lock. There are no annoying vibrations or something like that worry. We have never been tested with an exercise pillion but someone in the back of a bike as it does not spoil the fun by making cycling difficult to manage by changing the weight distribution and motorbikes difficult to fly. The 750 was significantly more difficult to run with someone on the back and the shock was felt really under these conditions of carriage of passengers.
Sometimes a little heat is being felt on the legs from behind the fairing at the sitting of traffic but no worse than most other bikes. Build quality seems good.

I think the 2001 Suzuki GSX-R 600 is now clearly the 600cc reference in terms of performance. But this class is fairly tight and just because this bike is the fastest on the track does not mean that you should not consider the opposition.

All SuperSport class consists of very fast all bicycles that have a genuine 240kph + broadband. For those of you who think your 600 is much faster than you should note that motorcycles in this category all have wildly optimistic speedos. Just because your watch 600 on the 270 speedo does not mean that you are anywhere nearby.

There is no doubt in my mind that in 2001, the GSX-R 600 SuperSport is the leader.

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