Detailed first glance: 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 600

For the first time Suzuki did not say anything about the new GSX-R 600, all we can say is about what we see. Thus, most of all are the new lights and a touch of style.

Here, we take the bet that Suzuki add new and very fashion gadget appeared on the GSX-R 1000: 3 different modes injection administered by a switch on the handlebar. Compact, lightweight and sharpen. An engine with a bore more important than the stroke, which makes the engine fly 16 000 rpm, thanks to the noble elements of the engine. With really high-performance electronic components, the GSX-R 600 is always adapted to its environment, here is a bike that wants to fight against the very difficult Yamaha YZF-R6.


On paper, its kind of classic: 4cylinders line, liquid-cooled, double over the head came, four valves, ram air intake, fuel injection. So what?
Thus, in its details the GSX-R sports motorcycle shows its capabilities. Titanium valves with a very small angle in regard to the central axis of the cylinder, only 10 degrees.

The mixture of fuel + air comes directly, for a maximum of efficient combustion.

The combustion chamber is also new (TSCC) and new piston aluminum alloy raise the compression compared to 12.8 / 1.

Other changes in rules to a point where Supersport 600 are low, the ON / OFF conduct a mid-range rpm.

To exit of corners easily, gear ratio is now closer, and the crankshaft is now more onerous to ensure better acceleration but less violent.

The clutch is also new and have a slipper. More pressure on the discs when you accelerate to avoid slipping and less braking during moment to avoid the rear wheel to stop.

For injection, a 32-bit ECU 1 024 KB of ROM, integrated into a more compact box feature digital double injection Suzuki butterfly SDTV.

Now, the pilot must choose between whenever he wants three modes A, B or C (as on the GSX-R 1000 or Hayabusa). The A is a full, the B is a sweet way with good horsepower and torque, and C is even more smooth for rainy days, for example.

This system is called Suzuki Drive Mode Area (S-DMS).

Chassis :

The aluminum frame of the GSX-R 600 is made by five elements: a steering column extruded aluminum composite spar double and two swingarm stand.

The whole package is now even more rigid than the model past.

The new aluminum swing arm is now attached to the chassis and the rear shock with a new platform switches to provide a smoother and more gradual behaviour to the rear suspension.

The rear shock is fully adjustable, and is also featured two with a speed of compression setting (fast or slow).

The front fork is also fully adjustable, and is dominated by a new electronic steering damper.

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