Scotts Steering Dampner for Suzuki GSXR 600 Sportbike
Scotts damper Kit Suzuki GSX-R 600 2001-2003 and GSX-R 750 2000-2003
# Stabilizer with only three circuits fully adjustable.
# Only stabilizer which has a damping adjustable control that allows you to adjust while riding.
# Only stabilizer which allows you to adjust the amount of degrees of depreciation you want in the axis.
# Only stabilizer which has a “High Speed Circuit” designed to absorb the sharp-edged jolts.
# Only successfully that the stabilizer works for each type of off-road application … including Motocross.
# Only stabilizer moves easily as motorcycle to motorcycle in literally seconds.
Scotts dampers security allow you to adjust your direction anchorage on the fly (use caution when you use it). It is also the only damper is infinitely adjustable so that you can set it to absorb the number or size of the impact energy. You can even “turn off” in case of puncture or other type of emergency. There are no further shocks currently on the market that even comes close to the execution of a damper Scotts direction. The damper is completely rebuild and service.

What a director of Scotts stabilization? (Patent # 4,773,514)
It is a compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorber absorbing rising to your head pilotage area just above you Guidon Mont. By helping to stabilize the front of your bike, the rear of the bike will follow straight to the rest of your suspension to work the way it was designed to .. It was also proved that rider help minimize fatigue and the dreaded arm pumping situation that occurs while the fight before your bike. A Scotts director of stabilization is the biggest improvement you can make to your bike. This predominance is now one day because of strong head angles that you find on the production of bicycles.

How does it work?
Basically, it works on the same principle as your fork before. Vannes inside the camera reacts to the slightest of shocks that are transferred by the forks and crowns of your bike. Circuits internal hydraulic valves and readjusts the amount of shock that would have been received through your handlebars. The link that connects the arm stabilising framework, reacts instantly, completely absorb any unwanted movement. Your suspension has been designed to manage the vertical movement of your bike. Scotts director stabilization of your package suspension by controlling the unwanted horizontal movement which is continually transferred, while riding or racing, to your handlebars.

What is the best job of stabilization?
Everywhere there are forces trying to push or pull your front left to right. If you are driving in the desert, Scotts director stabilization will soon become your best friend. You find it completely eliminates the head and shake and instability you get while riding on the fire-washing roads, rocks and sections at high speed in the sand washes. It helps keep your bike right in the whoops In the woods is a dream come true. Sharp-edged rocks and tree roots that send a shock throughout the height of your jaw are reduced to minor disturbances which allows the suspension of your work the way it was intended. Motocrossers find the director stabilization Scotts will certainly provide the winning edge. Your bike will be followed directly by the stuttering bumps, rolls and large towers scanning, while guaranteeing landings at the end of double or tables. Being infinitely adjustable, there is no reason not to use it. He did not inconvenience!

Why our stabilizer is so much better than others?
Shocks One of our main features is that the stabilizer Scotts only as a brake to Guidon turns away from the centre. The handlebar “free valves” on the right dead. This makes the bike want to go straight by itself. It is a huge advantage over other dampers. It is the only aspect where the main damping is adjustable on the fly. It only takes two seconds with one hand constituency to change the damping, the same time it would take to pull the rope out on your goal. More importantly, the Scotts strand a “great speed adjustment amortization. Most of the impact and head-shaking the front wheel are movements at high speed where, however, is turning a low-speed traffic. If you do not feel that the component provides alternately, you can adjust and still retain the impact-resistance at high speed, has no other wet these characteristics. Not only the rate of ‘depreciation and high-speed circuits adjustable, but the arc of movement during which it operates is also adjustable.

Perhaps the shock mounted to other bikes, I own?
Another nice feature on the Scotts part is that it is transferable between bicycles in a few seconds. If you have more than a bike, you just need a damper and a couple kits assembling power transfer motorcycle to motorcycle. In this way, you can use your XR400 on Saturday for a dual-sport tour on Sunday and put it on your CR for a desert race or motocross. Contrary to the suspension or engine mods, when you sell your bike, you can take it with you to install on your next bike. Most applications use very simple bolt on the mounting brackets. “Dirt Rider” Magazine said: “This is the best investment you can do!”

Is it really working for or Motocross freestyle?
Well, John Dowd, Robbie Reynard and Brian Deegan think so. If you are a motocross, the director of stabilization Scotts will give you what to do and trust saving you ever wasted energy. Never in a land of potholes and you fear? Never short on a double and the Yankees bars your hands? The ever track conditions off direct you? You will not believe how this little jewel will compensate for errors of this kind. Just ask someone who owns one! It is infinitely adjustable to all situations constituency, so there is no reason not to use it. He cons NO!

Will it fit on a motorcycle?
In theory, the director Scotts stabilizer can be adapted to any motorcycle on the market including vintage motorcycles. We have, however, the device designed to be a “lock on” the verge of all major brands off-road motorcycles. We also offer a weld on the version for those who prefer this option. We are stabilizing agent for Kawasaki Team Green, KTM Husaberg Americas and the Americas. Honda off-road and factory Yamaha using our shock. We have kits that will mount on Suzuki, Husqvarna, ATK, diesel, and TM Vertemati as well.

Is it easy to slip?
If you can change a candle, you should be able to install a stabilizer Scotts director. If you have any questions during installation, we’re here to help you. There is no welding and climbed a few minutes. The device comes with a step by step instruction manual that makes it easy even for Forest Gump. Remember, however, it is a very sophisticated unit that does more for your bike than any other market, after improvement. You must make sure you install it correctly to gain the maximum potential.

Is it necessary service as some other shock that I saw?
No Way. In fact mounted correctly when it is needed almost no attention at all. Like your forks and shocks, you’ll need to give him a “TLC” many hours of use. It is designed so there are no pieces of clothing, however, Scotts Performance Products provides a comprehensive service program should you need it. Simply UPS unity among us on walks or errands and put it through our ten-point inspection program that includes checks and tolerance refreshening oil. You will return in time for your next race.

Is it worth the investment?
Although all top off-road magazine in the country believes that this product one of the ten best products of all time! It is a powerful statement. This is not the only stabilizer on the market, but it is certainly the best and has more features than all others combined! Remember, we’re behind this idea and we have the patent! If you plan to continue to run for a year or the next ten years, our stabilizer will always be there when others have long disappointed. Our unit transfers between bikes in a few seconds, allowing you to switch between several bicycles or update easily from year to year.

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