Suzuki GSX-R600 : Three times a bike


Comfort: Good

Handling: Excellent

Looks: Excellent

Characteristics: Good

Fuel consumption: Satisfactory

Advantages: good handling, comfortable, a lot of boot space

Disadvantages: It is much bigger than the search competitors

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

The Bike

The day I passed my test, I bought a new brand CBR600F/sport, which was limited by the shop. A few weeks later, I had some unwanted attention of a Renault Clio and eventually get another insurance RBC. I will not go on a CBR in too many details, but I’ll use it to compare the GSX-R 600.

In August 2003, I’m rid of my CBR and bought second-hand Suzuki GSX-R 600 K1 model. The person who sold me the bike has really looked after it and it has only 2000 miles in 2 years.

The Suzuki GSX-R Sportbike was pronounced “bicycle trail” of the class 600 in the magazine comments. This is mainly because Suzuki concentrated on the processing and power delivery cycle, rather than the appearance and general riding city. It is for this reason that the Suzuki GSX-R Sportbike is a much more robust appearance compared to the CBR, R6 or ZX6.

The “Gixxer” as it is commonly called, comes with a damper direction and rear seat cowl standard, which is a definite advantage over other bikes. The shock of direction before making an end much more stable at high speed, especially if going on rough terrain. It prevents the rider to enter what is called a “slapper tank”, where the front of the bike shaking vigorously in the application of any bank. The first is the GSX-R of the track cycling reputation. He is there to provide more aerodynamic giving back a more rational flow and reducing weight compared to the pillion seat. Secondly, it is there for reasons aesthetic, making the bike look more sports from the outset. Headquarters caps can cost as much as £ 80 when purchased individually, so Suzuki does their customers a favour by throwing them with the motorcycle.

Suzuki has a huge amount of under-seat storage space. Once the pillion seat is removed, there is enough space to fit 2 boxes trade size WD40, a disposable camera, mobile phone, a tool kit and waterproof trousers. It is a scenario that I faced once, but you get the idea. The CBR has plenty of room, but I was shocked at how much space boot Suzuki GSX-R Sportbike, the “path tool” had actually.

The arrival of the motorcycle is also good. The panels fit together very well and stickers not take off when you wash them. Even with all the salt that has been poured on the roads recently, I am yet to be disappointed by the manner in which the GSX-R was built. At this time last year, the wet and salt has corroded the CBR rear shock, while Suzuki rubber flap has protected most of it.
The bike has a few security features that prevent the bike began to be accidentally or to be started when in gear. The bike will not start unless the clutch is drawn in moreover, if the bicycle is in the process, then stand must be installed. If the stand is down, then the bicycle must be at a standstill. If you start the bike at a standstill with the stand down and then put in motion, then the engine cut out. It is a very good safety measure, because it holds the attention of riding a bicycle with the stand. It also stops you start cycling when he is in the process, which could throw you off.

The Suzuki GSX-R Sportbike is a great bike and begins the first time, every time. He did not Let Me Down to anything and I hope it will remain so. I would recommend this bike to its capacity and for his comfort and storage space. It is without doubt the best 4K I’ve ever spent!

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