Suzuki GSXR600 K1 Sports Bike – Review

Good points :

Rev-happy motor, the ability to cover as many miles in comfort compared to more modern machines. Many bicycle for a relatively low asking price. Given the number of those over there, obtaining spare or post-market parts is not a problem.

Bad points :

From paintings and finishing overall is not as high as others. A large number of bicycles thrashed there so choose carefully!

General comments :

I bought the Suzuki GSXR three and a half years that my first 600cc motorcycle, not knowing what to expect. Previously I had smaller bikes ridden for some time, but the size of these small bikes are proving to be a little cramped for me as 6 feet tall, I’m not the greatest of runners, but wanted some much more fair to my waist. Heading to dealers, I had all sorts going through my mind, CBR GSXR, ZXR? What to buy? After much buzz about other bikes, I asked if there were others, I could see “behind closed doors.” Thinking I was brazen request, I now surprised to discover there were bikes at the workshop were new arrivals. Heading up there, I was assured the GSXR is in mint condition and I was not disappointed. I fell in love with the bike and instantly after giving a good course and wetting myself with excitement with the induction grunting noise I have been set. Deal! In 4600 in mid-2003 for 2 years and a little machine with 1 owner and only 4000 miles on the clock I thought it was a steal.

The next day I took the bike, cash payment has its advantages, get your bike is a beginning of them! I have directed all excited and a good race planned so as to allow me to overcome and experiment with it to see how it treats and, occasionally, see if it can explode. I was not disappointed at least draw with my arm strength of their catch is his specialty and trying not to forget to ensure my eyes is needed. Wow! What a bike! A little less than 2 hours in the saddle and not much pain everywhere outside my cheek muscles because of the constant somewhat strained smile I supported.

Anyway, until today, I made a total of 45000 miles, thats more than 41000 when I’ve had, and I have not yet done something for the engine! Not a thing! With the exception of religious oil changes every 5000 miles. The engine is still a good, it just may not be as strong as new, but this engine is not had an easy life. It doen’t use oil and fuel consumption is still good. Scratching sees around 140 miles to the tank, but full throttle track sessions that down to as low as 70 miles! As I said, it is not been an easy life! Editing wise, a sub-drawer, hugger, braided hoses, double bubble screen, commanding power, race bolt on exhaust can, and rim is what I did.

These motorcycles become addictive and clock up the miles is so easy. I strongly recommend the k1-3 for the first time 600, a good tool Quick Start, a bicycle and scratching a good first track cycling. This bike will not be disappointed if you buy a good, something that cycling is certainly not for disappointed! Buy one now! Enjoy and stay safe!

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