Suzuki GSX-R600

Suzuki started production of the GSX-R600 sports bike in 1992 as a result of market and demand for more docile compared to the motorcycle GSX-R 750 model. In short, what that means is that the same engine specifications that applied to only a 599cc engine would have. As a result, the water-cooled, inline-four, DOHC, 16 valve engine developing 106hp at 12,600 rpm.
The bike performed without changes in 1993 and then stop the production was put for the next 3 years.
In 1997 the gixxer marked her comeback with a completely new engine with the SRAD (Suzuki Ram Air Direct) system. The horsepower would have fallen to 97hp at 12,100 rpm for longer engine life, but the bike was as fast as ever due to the weight 75 lbs. The new Suzuki looked way more sophisticated than when first introduced, leaving no doubt that it would continue without interruption this time.
But in 1999 things were about to go in the direction of the motorcycle press expected. The low weight was still one thing the GSX-R600 could brag about it just now moved by a larger stud: 110 hp at 11,800 rpm. That year was a major evolutionary step and recognize bicycles produced than their yellow paint schemes.A major overhaul planned for 2001 Suzuki GSX-R600 with a restyled exterior and a powerful engine. The first had the effect of reducing the cycle to 359 pounds (rather large compared with the previous £ 383) and, of course, making it look sharper, but the technical changes that brought water-cooled 599cc inline-four, DOHC, 16-valve engine resulted in 115hp at 13,000 rpm.

Lighter, more aggressive, both in style and power and SPD, the middleweight sports bike Suzuki won t spare any upgrades for the next two years. Since 2002 we have the GSX-R600 Telefonica M can remember, while in 2003 the GSX-R600 Z Alstare.As brought you already know, 2004 was an important year for Suzuki and reflected on the bike we see today. Completely different, the GSX-R600 features a narrower 15mm twin-spar frame black-coated, 20 mm narrower at the knees gas tank, 200mm closer footrests, fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork and another damper. The front brake setup now featured four pistons radical-mount front calipers operated by a radial piston-cylinder. By now, the engine produced 126hp at 13,000 rpm. Color schemes were available, Black / Red, Blue / White, Yellow.

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